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Natural Vegan Products
Vancouver, Canada
V4W 1T3
Natural Vegan Products provides personal care, cosmetics, supplements and home supplies.

We’re an all natural vegan personal care brand based out of the Vancouver Canada area, shipping worldwide. We offer a monthly box of shampoo, conditioner, body wash, deodorant, toothpaste and a bamboo toothbrush for only $24 and first month is 50% off for all signups. Our mission is to make it extraordinarily easy for vegans to find all their personal, health and home products in one place and we’ll deliver it fresh every month for less than they would pay for mainstream brands. And when I say natural I mean absolutely natural – no chemical ingredients, all simple, easy, and healthy natural ingredients. We don’t need to use anything more than willow bark extract for a preservative because we ship everything fresh! We’re also getting into vitamins and supplements.

Where we’re at now is we have thousands of samples ready to ship out to clients. Do you think that your audience might be interested in free samples and a $500 gift card or 12 months free? We would be forever grateful and happy for anything we can do for you in return now and in the future. We’re big on video as well so we could do a professional quality video introducing us, telling a bit about the contest, saying thank you and anything else you might want. I know that it would be great for engagement. We have some partnerships through one of Vancouver’s largest radio stations through friends in the business, VeganOutreach.org, Vista Magazine, Vegan Life Magazine, Raw Blessing Radio show and several others.

More About Me

As for a bit more information about me, I’m obviously in the Vancouver area and I’m 22. Besides going to university for various subjects I’ve owned 5 businesses since the age of 13, and I just left the ’tech’ world where I managed a 10 million dollar software business to take Natural Vegan to the masses. After all I have been through I promised myself I would never do business for money again, so I sold my companies or shut them down, and I sought out the most impactful market I could get into and what I was passionate about landed me here!

More About the Business

We have a 160 acre permaculture farm where we grow as much of our ingredients as possible. We’re the largest comprehensive (aka sustainability) land zone in North America, and we’re setting up the largest animal sanctuary in Canada! This is a completely off grid operation and will be used to offer educational programs on healthy living. We’ll be supporting close to 30 permanent residents and 20 guests all fed with with our home grown ingredients. So we have a lot of cool stuff going on!

We use biodegradable push tubes and jars for certain products and to plastic spout bags for others which are 90% less plastic than traditional bottles.